About Us


Posh Boutique was founded on October 6th of 2017 based in downtown Frederick, Maryland. The boutique opened up its doors in hopes of introducing the latest in-fashion trends to this small community. Posh Boutique sells fashionable clothing, accessories, purses and shoes for all ages and quickly caught the attention of many shoppers in the Frederick area. I, Fabiola Navarro became the sole owner of Posh Boutique in January 18, 2019.

The mission of Posh Boutique is “for our customers to purchase fashionable items at reasonable prices yes! feel like you are shopping in an expensive place but not paying those big prices." Posh boutique is aiming to not only sell great clothes at great prices, but also provide a great experience with customers. I have always wanted to own a boutique store. I don’t consider my job as work, but instead as a fun experience that allows me to keep up with trends while also selling to women in the area.

The company’s vision is to provide women with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience. Posh Boutique caters to all shapes & amp; sizes and does not discriminate but creates long lasting relationships. I ensures our company fully understands our mission and our boutique has an item for everyone no matter the individual’s appearance. And to make every woman feel absolutely beautiful. 

Due to COVID-19 Posh Boutique had to close their shop in downtown Frederick but fortunately enough have been working on their online store prior to the pandemic and Posh Boutique was able to launch as soon as COVID-19 affected the store.

Our website always includes a holiday or eventful theme every month. New Arrivals and Featured Collections are highlighted on the website. Most importantly a quote from us, “Posh is a fashion boutique that offers the most up to date clothing and accessories for women of all ages, while giving our valuable customers the best shopping experience.”

Final, Posh Boutique is for the romantic dreamer in all of us, with feminine, well-curated pieces. We handpick each item with intricate details of the highest quality. Our whimsical clothing can take you from day to evening, or brunch with the girls to date night on the town. We aspire to provide outfits that make you fall in love over and over again.